How I replaced my Waeco CF-50 thermistor



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How I replaced my Waeco CF-50 thermistor

G'day All,

I've learnt nearly everything I know about anything from online forums, but have never been much of a contributor myself, so I figured it was time to give something back....

Waeco thermistors seem to be a common problem, so I thought I'd share my experience in replacing mine....

After 9 years of flawless operation my Waeco decided on the first day of my last trip to start freezing everything. Being in a pretty isolated location I had to put up with the joyous experience of manually regulating the fridge for 2 weeks.

Today I've just gone and picked up a replacement Waeco thermistor from my local service agent ($24).

I started the job by unscrewing and placing aside (whilst leaving all the electrical wires connected) the compressor cover. I then removed the screws on the underside of the compressor base plate and let the whole assembly drop down a couple of inches.

Next I followed the thermistor wire from the circuit board (the only black wire) to where it entered the foam insulation above the compressor. Using a serrated knife I began removing insulation around the wire until I got deep enough to expose the outside surface of the main fridge compartment (N.B. Don't get confused with the surface of the dairy compartment, which is grey - you need to aim for the main compartment, which is white.)

Once I exposed a small area of the fridge compartment, I cleaned it with a some spirits and a piece of scouring pad taped to a screwdriver. I then attempted to glue the new thermistor to the surface, however none of the adhesives I had on hand wanted to bond to it, so I ended up lifting a small portion of the surrounding insulating foam away from the surface using a screwdriver, and then slotted the themistor in place up against the compartment surface. I then replaced all the insulation I'd removed using a can of expanding foam, plugged in the new thermistor to the circuit board, and now it's working like new.

I hear that a themistor replacement by a service agent costs over $100, so I hope this helps a few people save some cash. If you'd like some more info or to see a couple of pics please feel free to PM me...


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Re: How I replaced my Waeco CF-50 thermistor

tenfour wrote:G'day All,

I've learnt nearly everything I know about anything from online forums

You will fit in real well around here then :lol:

Thanks for sharing :D
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Thankyou - that's a handy bit of advice.

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