Wheel offset - J vs JJ



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Wheel offset - J vs JJ

Hopefully someone can advise me here.

I have a 98 Hilux with 7Jx16 wheels and recently brought my neighbor's set of 7JJ x 16s from his Patrol (mainly because I wanted the tyres - he was changing size and I'd previously expressed my interest if ever he did).

What I want to know is if I can safely fit the Nissan rims in place of those already there. The offsett is about 5 mm closer in. I fitted one last night and there appears to be enough clearance at full lock (although it's close - about 5 mm). This was only in the garage though, I didn't take it out for a drive.

Are there any other implications I should think about?

Thanks in advance

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Daz - I stole this from "The Tire Bible":

"6J x 14 H2 ET45". The "6J x 14" part of that is the size of the wheel rim - in this case it has a depth of 6 inches and a diameter of 14 inches. The "J" symbolises the shape of the mounting surface of where the tyre sits. This runs around the front and back of the wheel rim. You may have noticed that some wheels have a "JJ" description; this is mainly on 4x4s as the tyre can be held on more securely with a double mating face.

I don't know if it applies to what you want to know, but here's the link to the page : http://www.chris-longhurst.com/carbibles/tyre_bible.html

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5mm on full lock in the shed :shock: More the likely will hit on compresion (wheel travel up) and you would be changing the track of the rig (the wider the more stable)

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