Waeco CF40 Thermistor wire issue



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Waeco CF40 Thermistor wire issue

Hi, just wondering if anyone can please help me out. I recently bought a second hand Waeco and the previous owner installed a larger noisier fan. I replaced the fan with a quieter one. My issue is once I sorted everything out with the fan I found this black wire with a yellow end not connected to anything. From my investigations I suspect it's the thermistor wire but I can't quite work out where it's supposed to be connected on the board. I was very careful when removing the rear panel. Is it possible that this was not connected anywhere? I have only used the fridge a couple of times for an hour or so.

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Re: Waeco CF40 Thermistor wire issue

its possible that it was a faulty sensor and they replaced it leaving the old one in place

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