Joe replaces Patrol with a soft roader



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Re: Joe replaces Patrol with a soft roader

Hey Joe (with apologies to Jimi RIP),

Nearly 2 years down the track how's the Paj?

I gave the Patrol a heart transplant 18 mths ago, and while the 6.5 Chev is a great low rev slugger, I'm getting too old for the noise, not to mention things are a bit dated in the old beast!! :roll:

Nonetheless, I'm thinking to keep it, and get hold of a Y62. .... That's what you should have done! :P

Anyhow, hope you're still truckin' along there! :D

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Re: Joe replaces Patrol with a soft roader

Hi Andy - it's been a long time since I logged onto this forum, hence the slow reply.

The 'jero is going well and I have tricked it up with everything I could reasonably want in a 4WD (long range fuel tank, water tank & pump, winch, on board compressor, drawers, dual battery etc etc etc), but I have to say that I miss the feel of the old dinosaur Patrol. I don't miss that sluggish engine and the clonky gearbox as well as the Queen Mary like steering and awful brakes, but it just felt a more appropriate place to be.

The 'jero is undoubtedly better off road (lockers backing up the traction control) and has more power and torque as well as being more economical. It is better on road too as the handling is much more car like and comfortable, but . . . . . . . . . . .

Perhaps I will get a lottery win and I'll be able to indulge my fantasy of getting a Y61 and fit it out with everything from a Duramax 6.6 and Allison 6 speed auto connected to portal axles and everything else, but I can't justify spending over $100k on a toy.

Either that or a Y62 like yours - nice ride.
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