Off-road gps for android


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Off-road gps for android

Read the various discussions about ozi and mm but I would like some thoughts on comparative pros and cons.

Some say ozi is more powerful, others say mm is powerful enough.

I will be running it on my galaxy s2 because that's what I have, so lets leave the whole apple vs android thing in the bucket where it belongs.

I would like to track drives for uploading, import drives to follow, and plan drives on map to follow.
Only the off road stuff, as the on board stuff does fine on road.
I have pc at home and am happy to trip plan on pc and transfer if need be

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Re: Off-road gps for android

thats where ozi is so much better- everyone has it so you can share tracks. $25

I can supply you with all the maps you would ever need for it if your a bit short on maps

you need to go to the ozi explorer website to find how to install the app - its not just in the market. might as well put ANDROZIC on while your in the market though. i initially loved it and it is an OZI clone but it just had a few bugs that spilt it - mainly track creation was unstable
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Re: Off-road gps for android

Ozi, ozi and one more time ozi! mm can sometimes works so "well" that you would regret that you chose it.


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Re: Off-road gps for android

It doesn't matter if you get Memory Map, oziexplorer or Harry's map system. They all support GPX files which is what you should use for exchanging tracks, waypoints etc, It is the most complete schema and is XML compatible for other applications.

As to other aspects there are certainly more "free" maps available for Ozi. :roll: But if you buy maps then the choice is a bit different. Ozi also has a really neat feature where you can send your position via sms.

Memory Map for Android, is free and they have recently fixed the annoying bugs in the Beta. Ozi is in Beta too and is $25 from memory.

If you just want the maps for your android device then MM is less expensive. For example Hema is $180 for the Ozi version which you can copy to anywhere and about $135 for MM on 2 Android devices. For 2 x PC and 2 x Android / apple it is about $190 so more expensive.

Both are free to trial so I would try them for yourself. I am a big fan of Memory Map but that's mainly because I love the PC version and are down that path with the maps etc already.

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Re: Off-road gps for android

DanielS wrote:Ozi, ozi and one more time ozi! mm can sometimes works so "well" that you would regret that you chose it.

I agree, I found Ozi the most usefull option for my Android tablet. So many maps and information available everywhere. I bought the card and had no problems setting it up.


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Re: Off-road gps for android

I have been using Ozie for Android on my samsung 10" tablet for a few years now and love it!
On of the features I love is the ability to create new screens for it and the ability to import track files between the tablet and my laptop.

If you want a different screen design let me know.
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Re: Off-road gps for android

Well, I have been using MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker for over a year and it works perfect!
The product came with clear step by step instructions. Installation was very simple. Even if you have some issues, just visit website for more detailed informaion.
Accurate in speed, location, times. There is also an app for both android and apple. I have an Iphone so this worked out great. I like that it is dual platform in this area because I may change phones in the next few months. Thats really cool!
Overall, the purchase worth the money. Highly recommend

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